Caring for Your Sandstone

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Landscaping

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Sandstone is commonly recognized as one of the most attractive materials to use for landscaping. Both homeowners and business owners alike choose this material to provide just the right aesthetic to their property, and the installation of sandstone is known for making any home more appealing on from both a visual and economical standpoint. However, as pretty as it is, sandstone is also an investment of money and time. You will have to know how to care for sandstone properly to keep it looking nice. This article is designed to help you get the hang of this important task.


When you first have your new sandstone pavement installed, your sandstone suppliers in Torrington will generally give you a brief overview of how to care for it. One of the biggest steps to keeping your sandstone in good shape is to keep it relatively clean. It doesn’t have to be immaculate, but it does have to be tidy to avoid the risk of scuffing and scratching. Cleaning your sandstone tends to be a multi-step job.

First, you’ll have to clear the area of any and all debris and furniture. Pick up any branches or stray rocks, and move your chairs and other fixtures to the lawn. Afterwards, you’ll want to begin scrubbing the sandstone clean. This will typically involve a soft cloth, a small amount of detergent and warm water. Give the soap a few moments to work at the grime before rinsing it off with your gardening hose. You can also use talc or hydrogen peroxide, depending on the nature of the grime.


Sealing your sandstone is a simpler process. All you need is a thick paintbrush, as well as a sealer specially designed for sandstone. Ask your sandstone suppliers in Torrington about the best brands of sealer for your patio. Sealer is best applied in filmy layers and left to dry slowly. It will generally take one full day for your sealer to dry completely. Afterwards, you’ll want to add one last coat.

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