Can Your Business Work Without You?

Increasing Ill-health, a wish to retire or working too many hours are often the reasons why individuals ask business brokers to sell my company in Jacksonville FL. Do you need to sell your business or could you employ a manager to look after your investment as you relocate to a warmer beach location?

Do Your Customers See You as The Business?

As you consider whether it is time to sell my company in Jacksonville FL are your customers devoted to you and would they go elsewhere if you sold your business?

Where your customers are likely to look towards the competition if you should leave, this will reduce your negotiation for achieving a great valuation for your company.

Where your business is too reliant on you to perform your 80+ hours per week, what would happen if you were to be away ill for a month, 3 months or more?

There are ways that your business can continue without you and you should consider this as a positive means of enhancing the value of your business when you decide to ask an excellent business broker to sell my company in Jacksonville FL.

Some business owners fail to take a vacation most years because they know it will not function correctly while they are away. This may show a lack of skills within certain employees or your lack of trust at those you leave behind.

It is essential for your sanity and for the good of the business that you find a way for your business to be able to work without you otherwise it may be impossible to take healthy breaks away from your organization and very difficult to sell.

A new owner will find it difficult to manage your business if the entire customer base requires interaction with you. You may be able to negotiate a deal where you remain with the company for a few months after the sale completes. This will provide a time for your customers to get to know the new owner and be confident they will keep their business ongoing.

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