Can You Use the Lemon Law? Find an Attorney in Alabama

by | Jun 22, 2018 | Law Services

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If you live in Alabama and you believe that your car is a lemon, you might have legal rights. These laws were created to help protect new car buyers by offering a replacement or refund for a defective car or truck. The lemon law in Colorado and Alabama covers all self-propelled vehicles that drive on highways excep of vehicles over 10,000 pounds or motor homes. This law has been created to protect consumers from being victims of faulty cars and trucks. If you suspect that you have a lemon, it’s best to consult with a qualified attorney.

Lemon Laws in Alabama Qualifications

You might be wondering if your car falls under the qualifiers to be a lemon. In this state, the car must either be 2-years old or less OR have 24,000 miles or less. Additionally, you must have attempted three repair attempts from the manufacturer or authorized dealer. Plus, the vehicle must have been unusable for at least 30 days and during that time be in the possession of the dealer or manufacturer.

It’s important to remember that dealers are not responsible or at fault if your car is a lemon. Instead, the blame falls to the manufacturer. So, though it is easy to place your frustrations on the dealer, it’s the manufacturer that you should focus on.

If your car is found to be a lemon, the manufacturer must replace the vehicle with a brand new car, or they must refund the full price, tax, registration fees, title fees, and any finance charges. It is up to you. The manufacturer cannot choose one option or another; they have to do what you choose.

Do you have a car that might fall under the lemon law? If so, contact Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center in Alabama.