Can You Have Both A Keynote And Motivational Business Speaker In One?

by | Nov 26, 2015 | Business

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Most companies understand the benefits of keynote and motivational business speakers, but they likely don?t understand the differences between them. Both options are greatly misunderstood, and you can have one speaker that does both.


Keynotes usually capture what you?re trying to say in the meeting and highlight the key points to the audience is a short timeframe. They will likely put in a lot of research, finding a lot of information about your issues, the audience and your industry as a whole. After the research is done, the Keynoter will mold their presentation into something distinctive and unique that?s just for your audience. It shouldn?t be a canned speech, and it shouldn?t be the same as in the sample video you request from them.

They can use humor, show clips, involve the audience or sing if the mood strikes. Whatever they choose, they are there to promote your message in a more memorable way that you may be able to do on your own.


A speaker who can motivate is a little different than a Keynoter, for the most part. They may employ some of the same tactics, such as humor, audience participation and more, but they will do so in a way to bring hope to the group. If you?re going through a large corporate change, they can help ease the burden and stress, while bringing forth information that will help make it easier to transition, such as the benefits they?ll get.

They can be used to keep morale boosted, which will also increase productivity, or help people think creatively if they?re in a slump.

Both Together?

Many times, you?ll see advertisements for a keynote motivational speaker and may wonder, since both options are so different, why they are included together. Some speakers have become so great at what they do, they can motivate while being a Keynoter.

Whether you choose an opening or closing Keynoter, they?ll do their research and still point out the most important aspects of the meeting or event. However, they?ll do it in such a way that they are motivating others, as well.

Attendees should leave feeling empowered, awed and ready for a new day or beginning, depending on the event. They should breathe new life into their work and be more productive with each passing day.

A keynote motivational business speaker can do so much in a short amount of time. Doug Dvorak offers professional speaker services to meet a wide range of objectives. Click here to learn more about his services.