Can an Alcohol Rehab Center in Malibu Rid You of Your Addiction?

Alcoholism in Malibu

Malibu, California is a beautiful paradise located in Los Angeles County. Malibu has the Pacific Coast Highway lining the coast and is a wondrous area which contains canyons, mountains, gorgeous beaches, clean gardens and parks, lagoons, and a variety of lush vegetation. This idyllic location is the perfect serene setting for recovering from an alcohol addiction, especially at a reputable alcohol rehab center. Alcoholism has been declared a lifelong disease which has no cure and it is the third most common illness afflicting more than 14 million people in the United States – unfortunately, this number is only estimated to rise.

More Than Alcoholism

Studies have proven if someone suffers from an alcohol addiction then chances are they are also abusing drugs simultaneously. Both addictions and their underlying causes must be treated concurrently. Alcoholism is a complex problem which involves looking into each person’s history and background to determine the factors that led to this addiction. Rehabilitation for alcoholism and possible drug abuse is designed to help people to reach a point in their lives where they can function and live without a crutch.

The Signs of Alcohol Addiction/Abuse

Alcohol addiction is also referred to as alcohol abuse and its consequences are harmful and severe. The following symptoms are typical of someone is addicted to alcohol:

Losing control over the amount of alcohol being consumed.

Inability to stop thinking about drinking or can’t resist the urge to drink.

Tolerance level is noticeably higher than it used to be. Prolonged drinking inevitably leads to a need to drink more in order to feel any semblance of a buzz.

Symptoms of withdrawal, especially when you’ve drank the night before and you wake up shaky, leading you to feel only another drink can remedy the issue.

The symptoms of alcohol addiction involve a person drinking everywhere they work or live, every time they’re playing or relaxing, and also during most other daily activities. Signs of addiction also include promiscuous activities, excessive fighting and arguing, spending more money on alcohol than anything else, trouble with the law, and much more. A very low percentage of people addicted to alcohol will seek help for themselves, instead it is usually friends or family members who seek help for their loved one’s addiction. Modern therapy treatments can bring an alcoholic back from the brink of absolute destruction and show them effective means of preventing a relapse after achieving sobriety. There isn’t an alcohol addiction in existence which cannot be overcome in order to help a person live a healthier, more rewarding life.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms are not pleasant, but with the right treatment – sometimes involving medications which allow tapering off – an alcoholic addiction treatment program can help people overcome the following during their detoxification periods:

The DTs (shakiness or tremors)

Lack of an appetite

Nausea, sweating and fluctuations in body temperature

Mood swings

Headaches and migraines

Insomnia, depression, anxiety and fatigue s

Disturbing dreams, nightmares and hallucinations.

Extreme physical discomforts

The road to recovery is somewhat lengthy, but alcohol rehab centers employ caring and experienced specialists who will work with you from the arduous beginning to the rewarding end.

Malibu Rehab

Care for your loved ones during their battle against addiction is best left to the experts like the professionals found at Serenity Malibu. Serenity Malibu Rehab is a renowned and accredited drug and alcohol rehab center which employs caring and dedicated staff for treating drug addiction and alcoholism. They have a specialized program called The Seasons Systemic Family Treatment Program, where the alcoholic and their family members are a part of the rehabilitation counseling and recovery process. Serenity Malibu addresses the physical health of its clients, the root cause of their addiction, the family dynamics, relapse prevention, and aftercare planning. If only all of this wasn’t offered by a facility located in the middle of nowhere… Oh wait, apparently Malibu is a gorgeous beachside city located in sunny California.

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