Calling Injury Lawyers in Tucson When Someone Claims They Were Hurt on Your Property

If someone pretends to slip and fall on the property of another person, finding injury lawyers in Tucson is necessary to show the claim is false. Some people fake injuries in an attempt to receive compensation from another person. Protecting oneself is extremely important if someone is faking an injury supposedly caused by negligence. Here are some steps to take to help prove negligence was not to blame.

Contact an Attorney Immediately

Retaining an attorney as soon as there is an inkling someone is pressing charges for an injury is extremely important. Details about the supposed fall must be fresh in the mind of those who witnessed the incident, which helps to clear any doubt about the “incident”. An attorney will go over all the details pertaining to the event to help prove the property owner was in no way responsible for the supposed injury’s occurrence.

Hire a Private Investigator

When there is doubt about an injury, finding out if the person who is pressing charges is medically restricted in any way will be a concern. Hire a private investigator and ask them to tail the plaintiff to find out if they are able to partake in activities an injury would usually restrict. An attorney will assist with finding a reputable investigator in the area if necessary. The information obtained will be scrutinized and used to help build a case to show an injury was indeed fabricated.

Provide Witnesses and Photo Evidence

To show that the area where the fall happened was not a hazard to anyone who walked on it, take photographs evidencing the condition of the ground or floor. Make sure to take pictures of the surroundings as well as close-ups of the exact area the person claimed to have fallen. In addition, find out if there were any witnesses in the vicinity who may have seen the incident as it took place. They may have valuable details to share regarding the moments leading up to the fall to help show it did not appear natural.

When there is a need to hire one of the best injury lawyers in Tucson, searching for one with a known reputation for winning injury cases is key. Contact Price and Price Law to find out more.

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