Buying the Right Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans have been an accessory in homes for decades and today are very popular as they come in a myriad of colors, sizes, shapes, and feature options. However, because of the array of different choices deciding on the type of ceiling fan to buy, deciding on just one is difficult.

However, it does not have to be hard deciding on the right one. The different features available on fans are there to fit the different and varying wants and needs of the consumer.

Size Matters

Before deciding on the type of ceiling fan you want to buy you must measure the room the fan will be installed in. This gives you an idea as to what type of ceiling fan you can and cannot buy for the room. Ceiling fans today come in varying sizes from 36-inch, to 42-inch and bigger and the bigger the room the bigger the fan that is needed. Fans today can be as big as 60 inches wide.

Inside or Out

With home designs today taking into consideration open-air living spaces, ceiling fan makers have both indoor and outdoor fans available. There are far fewer made specifically outdoors but they are available. These types are designed to withstand higher temperatures, lower temperatures, humidity and other types of outdoor conditions. Installing an indoor fan, outside is never recommended.

Style Dictates A Great Deal

Ceiling fan styles are almost endless. They can be described as simple, elegant, extravagant, and “chandelier-ish.” Therefore, deciding on the style will be a reflection of you and should be something taken into consideration before looking at ceiling fans in Chicago.

Lights Included?

The majority of ceiling fans can be purchased with or without lighting attached. Many of fans have a light kit that comes with the purchase and the option is up to the owner if they want lights or no lights.

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