Buying an automatic hand dryer: choice, purchase, installation and maintenance

by | Dec 19, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

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Think about the following before buying a hand dryer


Before buying that automatic hand dryer, look at the warranty. With a warranty, the person buying is protected from liability in case anything goes wrong. With a good warranty, the range of things that could go wrong that the home owner is protected from is much wider. But warranty is not just about liability in case of malfunction. The buyer must understand the terms of the warranty and anything that would void the agreement. For instance, most warranties demand installation by a certified expert.

The Budget

Every purchasing decision involves at least a little budgetary implications. One might be tempted to buy the smallest and least expensive automatic hand dryer. Any seasoned expert will likely advise against this because the smaller unit will not offer the levels of efficiency required. Cheapest is not always the best, and more expensive units are more efficient, which makes them less expensive in the long term. The size and price decision should also depend on the size of the room, house or building. The unit should be size appropriate, not too big but not too small either.

The Vendor

The choice of company to go with when buying the hand dryer is an important one. Go for a company famous for its wide range of quality hand dryer products like American Dryer. Go for a company that has a strong reputation, one of the most important factors when making a purchase, especially for the first timers. Choose a company with from you will be guaranteed the best products and a wide range to choose from. At American Dryers, you are guaranteed the best in customer support, buyer guides and product reviews. Not many people trust product reviews from company websites because of the suspicion of them being doctored. Well do not take our word for it; we invite you to try any of our products for yourself today.

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