Building an Air Compressor Rental Business in New York City

Contractors and anyone in the building trade use diverse types of pneumatic tools, including nail guns, jackhammers, and even trench diggers. Likewise, landscapers and farmers need an air compressor to blow out sprinkler and irrigation lines, clean combine equipment, and much more.

Building an Air Compressor Rental Business

Small contractors and other professionals often only need to use a compressor occasionally, and it makes sense to them to rent one. You need to look for a few several types of air compressors for sale to get started.

Two of the most common size air compressors people like to rent are in the 185 and 375 cfm range. For both types, contractors simply want to rent a unit for a brief time, anywhere from a day to a few weeks.

The 375-cfm range of portable air compressors can pump out up to 200 psi of pressure. These compressors can be used for both low pressure and high-pressure jobs. Big air compressors pumping out 600 cfm or more, are typically rented for long-term use, lasting weeks, or months.

Taking Care of Your Equipment

Once you’ve found the right air compressors for sale and bought a few, be sure to keep maintain the fleet. Regularly check the oil and fluid levels, clean out the dust filters and drain any water from the water/fuel separator. Coolers and radiators also need frequent attention, as do the belts.

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