Brighten Teeth with Teeth Whitening Treatments in Edmond, OK

People know that their smile can be their biggest asset or hindrance. If they greet people with a healthy and attractive smile, it sends a clear message that they are healthy and in control of their life. However, a dingy smile may signal that they aren’t careful with their appearance or that they aren’t healthy. This can make it difficult to land a dream job or even a date for Saturday night. With a Zoom treatment, teeth whitening in Edmond, OK is only an hour away. In just a short time, teeth can be six to 10 shades whiter.

When a patient arrives, the dentist uses a comfortable shield to separate the teeth from the gums and lips. They will then apply a bleaching gel to the teeth. If the patient has extremely sensitive teeth, they can adjust the amount of chemicals used. Once the gel is in place, the dentist will shine a small light in the patient’s mouth. This is actually a very safe but powerful laser that helps the whitening solution bond with the stains. After about 30 minutes, the bleaching chemicals are wiped from the patient’s mouth. The last step is to apply a fluoride treatment. Harder teeth enamel resists both decay and stains more effectively. Because the bleaching chemicals penetrate the tooth enamel, they may continue to whiten teeth for several days after the treatment.

For patients who prefer home teeth whitening treatments in Edmond, OK, Monica Neely Dentistry has teeth whitening kits available. Some patients prefer the convenience of opening packets that contain trays pre-filled with a bleaching solution. They simply place the trays over their teeth for the specified time period. The dentist will tell them whether 30 minutes a day is sufficient. Some patients are told to wear the trays while they sleep. This procedure is repeated for 10 to 14 days. The trays come filled with different strengths of whitening solution. The dentist examines the patient’s tooth enamel to determine which is appropriate for them.

The dentist will recommend strategies for both patients to keep their teeth as white as possible. This may include teeth whitening pens and the periodic use of whitening trays. Regular brushing with a sonic toothbrush can keep stains from setting in.

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