Bridal set or separate rings?

by | Jan 29, 2014 | Shopping

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There is definitely something special and romantic about a guy going down on one knee and asking for his girls hand in marriage and offering her an engagement ring. Although this is all well and good, the more practical approach is to go down on the knee all right but then go shopping together for the rings.


In the case of a man the only ring to consider is the actual wedding ring, the ring that signifies that a legal union between two people has taken place. In the case of the woman; in many cases the interim step is the engagement ring, the ring that signifies that she has agreed to be her partner’s wife. For a woman there are two choices for rings; one is a wedding set in Cincinnati where the engagement ring and wedding ring form a matched pair or a separate engagement ring which bears no resemblance to the wedding ring.


A wedding set in Cincinnati consists of two separate rings, both of which closely fit one another in shape, metal and gemstones. The wedding band often is designed to complement the shape and size of the diamond, curving around the stone so that the two rings nest together as one. A wedding set is usually quite ornate compared to a simple solitaire diamond and gold band but many women prefer this arrangement.


The underlying problem with a wedding set is that the ornate wedding ring is not appropriate for the man, a man’s wedding ring is usually quite plain, not much more than a simple band of gold, titanium or perhaps platinum. Depending on the design the ring may have small gem stones imbedded in it but these are often below the high point of the ring to protect the stones from being knocked out while the man is engaged in a manual task.


Many couples find that sharing a common design for the wedding band to be more to their liking, they see it as a close bond between two loving people. In this case, the engagement ring will be totally different, in many cases the woman will elect a solitaire which stands proud on her finger and shows well with a simple band.