Box Truck Lift Gates – Should You Choose a Slider or Rail Gate?

by | Jul 14, 2017 | Automotive

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If you’re new to the delivery service in Fresno CA or you plan on upgrading, you’ll probably want to install lift gates on your vehicles. This makes it easier for your people to handle heavy loads and it’s much safer too. It also can greatly speed up the time it takes to make deliveries. But before you decide on an Anthony, Maxon, or Waltco liftgate, you need to think about the kind of gate you need. For example, is a slider gate the best option or should you go with a rail gate? Let’s check into this more closely, to help you decide.

How do Lift Gates Work?

You can handle heavy loads from a dock with a lift truck. In fact, once you place materials on a pallet, loading is fast and efficient. But what happens when you make deliveries to residential customers or business customers in Fresno CA that don’t have loading docks? You need something to lower those heavy things down to the ground.

A Waltco Liftgate (and other top brands) has a strong platform and works on hydraulics. It uses electric motors to pump the hydraulic fluid through the system. With the push of a button, you can get the platform into position and then lower it to where you need it.

Slide Gates

Slide gates are also called “tuck under” or “tuck away” because they fold up and fit neatly underneath the truck bed when you don’t need them.

Rail Gates

A rail gate folds up against the end gate of the truck. They are very durable and give you added security by covering the end gate.
To make sure you choose the right gate, visit your Anthony, Maxon, or Waltco liftgate dealer in Fresno CA. They have years of experience and are there to help.