Boosting Cash Flow by Using Debt Collection Management in Jamaica

by | Nov 17, 2023 | Debt Consultant

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Managing accounts receivable and past-due invoices is a nightmare. However, when debts fall beyond 60 days, many companies need more time or resources to put an extended effort into collections. Tens of thousands of dollars go uncollected, and these funds could help boost revenues.

Using debt collection management in Jamaica is a viable solution for this ongoing problem. One of the main reasons collecting bad debts is so overwhelming is that it puts strain on employees. Collections require a great deal of time and effort, and these energies can hinder normal business activities.

Thankfully, utilizing a debt collection agency in Jamaica can help streamline things. Since a third-party debt collector only works on past due accounts, it allows the business to focus on production and all the other aspects of the business. These collection agents collect money and help increase the bottom line, which is their only job.

Another thing to consider is how complicated debt collection has become in the United States. There are so many rules and regulations that it’s effortless to get into trouble by stepping over the line in the smallest way. Companies that provide debt collection management in Jamaica understand the importance of compliance with U.S. laws.

Upper management minimizes legal risks by keeping collection agents in compliance. They know that improper debt collection practices can cause a great deal of legal trouble, which can far outweigh the cost of the original debts.

Using a debt collection agency in Jamaica can help to improve cash flow and keep 60-90-120-day accounts within an acceptable range. When third-party collection services are involved, it typically results in higher recovery rates compared to in-house efforts, as agents free up the company’s internal resources.

When agents are working on collections, employees can focus on revenue-generating activities. International Asset Services Limited can be reached at With more than 19 years of collection experience and gathering of more than $100 million in debt recovery for companies across America, it’s no wonder businesses trust them for their collection needs.

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