Blanchard Grinding: Rotary Grinding At Its Best

If you work with grinders, you have definitely heard of Blanchard grinding. It may be under its other name ? rotary surface grinding. The originator of the specific Blanchard grinding machine ? the Blanchard Machine Company, has, after all been granted the flattery of imitation. These are all Blanchard or Blanchard type rotary surface grinding machines.

What Is a Blanchard Grinding Machine?

A Blanchard grinding machine is distinguished by the position of its grinding wheel. It is mounted on a vertical spindle. The wheel turns counter to the rotation of its magnetic chuck. The magnetic chuck holds ferrous metal in place. This does not eliminate the capability of working on non-ferrous metals or plastics. It means the addition of some form of clamp. This will result, also, however, in increasing the production time and the costs associated with the process.

Another cost associated with Blanchard grinding is directly associated to its nature. The machines require greater horsepower to operate efficiently and effectively. This will make operating the machine more expensive. Yet, the higher levels of horsepower are actually offset by the increased speed and capability of the grinding machine to perform its tasks with greater speed and efficiency. The speed of the process actually reduces production time.

During the grinding process, a particular finish pattern appears. This is unique to the Blanchard grinding machine. It is the result of both the movement of the machine as it flows across the surface. It is also the product of the very nature of Blanchard grinding.

These machines are easily available. They come in several different sizes. This makes them versatile when it comes to surface grinding. When supplemented or paired with effective techniques, Blanchard grinders can successfully grind a vast array of sizes, shapes and materials.

The Purpose of Blanchard Grinding

The employment of Blanchard grinding is chosen when the part desired to be removed is too large to be handled by a Double Disc Ground machine. The Blanchard method will swiftly take off this large part from the single side, grinding away effortlessly where other types of machines would falter. As a result, it is employed in the grinding of the following stock pieces, including various types of metal plates:

?* Plate stock
?* Die blocks
?* Rotary tables

Blanchard grinding can handle multiple small parts. It runs them through in record time in batches. The results are impressive in the quality and consistency of their thickness and finish. This reduces or eliminates completely the instances of mismatching. Overall, Blanchard grinding is one method that is preferred over surface grinding and even CNC milling when it comes to finishing large plate components and even castings economically, efficiently and quickly.

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