Best Preventive Practices for Medium Voltage Switchgear Maintenance in New Jersey

by | Nov 13, 2023 | Electrician

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Facilities must maximize uptime and safety. Therefore, medium voltage switchgear maintenance in New Jersey must follow rigorous protocols. While exact procedures vary by manufacturer, some general preventive practices apply.

Daily Inspections and Upkeep

Daily inspections by qualified technicians looking for damage, dirt buildup, or overheating ensure issues get promptly addressed. Tighten loose connections and clear obstructions to ventilation. Check switch operation and use IR scanning to identify hot spots.

Regular Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning the gear regularly using manufacturer-approved techniques removes contaminants that degrade components. Vacuum dust and debris, but avoid excess compressed air, which can force contaminants into parts.

Annual Testing and Parts Replacement

Annually test medium voltage protection relays, monitoring, and control devices to verify proper operation. Replace consumable parts like gaskets before they fail. Lubricate moving current-carrying parts per OEM specs to prevent malfunction.

Documentation and Record Keeping

Maintain detailed documentation of switchgear assets. Tracking maintenance and repairs helps optimize future preventive actions. Updated one-line diagrams should reflect any changes.

Leverage Expert Testing Services

In-house teams can handle basic upkeep. However, professionals for electrical switchgear testing and medium voltage switchgear maintenance in New Jersey should provide annual inspections and maintenance. Their thermography and testing pinpoint developing faults. They ensure optimal gear health by identifying needed repairs or replacements before failures occur.

Following sound preventive maintenance practices for medium voltage switchgear lowers the risk of failures interrupting operations. Work with knowledgeable electrical contractors at JET Electrical Testing, LLC to implement and uphold switchgear maintenance programs.