Benefits Offered by Growth Hormone Injections

Did you know that larger dosages of the growth hormone can be used to promote increased muscle size and weight loss while smaller doses can be used for igniting the anti-aging process, overall health and general recovery? The fact is, receiving a growth hormone injection in Manhattan Beach comes with a continually increasing number of benefits in both adults and adolescents. Learn more here.

Increased Muscle Strength

The human growth hormone has been directly attributed to improve the physical capacity of people. It does this by stimulating the process of collagen synthesis in the skeletal tendons and muscle. This helps to increase muscle strength while improving exercise performance.

Better Healing of Fractures

There are a number of local hormones and growth factors that are responsible for regulating bone and mineral metabolism, in addition to the healing of fractures. With the growth hormone injection in Manhattan Beach, the bone regeneration process is sped up. Applying a growth factor, such as IGF-1 has been known to stimulate bone metabolism.

Enhanced Ability to Lose Weight

Individuals who are obese have a limited response to the release of growth hormone stimuli. However, after they lose weight, the responsiveness may become partial or complete. The growth hormone will accelerate lipolysis, which is the breakdown of lipids.

Stronger Bones

The pituitary gland is responsible for stimulating the release of growth hormone and an essential part of bone growth, especially during puberty. As a person ages, the production of growth hormone is reduced, which means many older individuals are unable to form or replace bone loss quickly. With injections this is no longer an issue.

If you believe you could benefit from any of the above effects of a growth hormone injection in Manhattan Beach, then it is a good idea to talk with your doctor. They can help you determine whether or not this solution will be beneficial for you.

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