Benefits of Using an Electric Wheelchair in Miami Instead of a Manual

After using a manual wheelchair to get around, you might find that it’s difficult operating the wheels and maneuvering over and around various areas. A wheelchair that’s electric is often a bit easier to operate, taking some of the strain off of your hands and arms. Here are a few benefits of this type of chair if you’re considering a change.

Sit Back

When you get an electric wheelchair in Miami, the only thing that you usually have to do is sit in the chair as it can do most of the work. You won’t have to use your arms or hands to move the wheels in order for the chair to move as the motor in the electric wheelchair is strong enough to get you to your destination.


While in a manual wheelchair, you might not be able to stop when you want, resulting in rolling down ramps or hills at times before you can stop safely. A benefit of an electric wheelchair is that you can use the joystick to turn the wheels just enough to get you to a point where you can stop.

Sturdy Wheels

A detail that you’ll notice about an electric wheelchair from Miami stores is that the device itself is sturdy. You’ll have the support that you need while sitting as most seats are cushioned and are often thicker than manual wheelchairs. The armrests are usually a bit larger and offer more support as well. There are usually four wheels on the chair that are evenly spaced to offer more balance and support for sitting or controlling the chair when you’re moving.

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