Benefits of Gutter Guards in Louisville KY

Gutters are a critical part of the home’s water control system. In order to function correctly, they need to be kept clean and clear. One of the easiest ways to do this is through the use of gutter guards. These are some of the benefits that guards can provide.

One of the benefits of gutter guards in Louisville KY is that they prevent animals from making nests. Birds will see the gutters as a safe place to make nests. This nesting material will prevent the water from flowing properly through the gutters. This blockage will cause the water to fall near the foundation rather than be directed away. Animals also leave other items behind that clog the gutters such as leftover food items or waste products.

Falling tree leaves are especially prevalent in the fall. However, this can happen at any time of the year. Leaves that get into the gutter will retain moisture. Not only does this prevent proper drainage, it also provides the ideal medium for mold and organism growth. It is these items that can make it necessary to wear a mask when cleaning them out. Because leaves can constantly get into the gutters, more cleaning days need to be scheduled to prevent an overload.

Gutter guards in Louisville KY can also help prevent water damage that can occur when it is not properly removed. Clogged gutters don’t directly the water properly. Instead, they often retain water near the home’s structure. They may also redirect the water into the home rather than away from it. This can lead to rotting wood, soft spots and possible insect invasions. Because all of this damage can lead to significant repair costs, clogged gutters can also increase the maintenance needs of the home.

Maintaining a functioning gutter system requires protection from the different elements that can get inside and block the water flow. Animals see open gutters as highways or a safe place to nest. Leaves that get in have to be constantly cleaned out and water can flow in places that it is not meant to go. Contact Affordable Exteriors if there is a need to install guards on the gutters at your home.

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