Benefits of Getting Urgent Care in Goshen NY

by | Jun 6, 2014 | Health

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An urgent care center is a medical facility where you can walk in and receive treatment for illnesses that are not emergencies. These centers provide treatment for people who have illnesses that are not life-threatening. The main idea behind the creation of these centers was to reserve the ER for people that have life-threatening injuries or illnesses. Here are some of the benefits of getting urgent care in Goshen NY.

Quicker access to medical care

For most hospitals and clinics, if you want to get treatment, you have to book an appointment weeks or months in advance. Urgent care centers provide a place where you can just walk in and get medical attention without having to wait for weeks. This helps you be treated for a medical problem before it gets really complicated.

Cheaper than real hospital ERs

These medical facilities provide cheaper co-payments when compared to hospital emergency rooms. Also, you will find that most of these centers accept different types of healthcare plans that the patient may have. This makes the centers a cheaper and stress-free source of medical healthcare service.


Most urgent care centers are open for longer hours than traditional medical care centers. Also, they are open on holidays and weekends. This means that you can access medical attention regardless of the time of day or day of the week. Another great thing about the centers is that they are located in residential areas. When the center is close to you, getting medical attention is quite easy.

When to use the facility

* People use these facilities as an alternative to ERs, especially for non life-threatening problems.

* People that do not have a primary care doctor or a family doctor can use these services.

* If your condition needs the quick attention of an urgent care facility.

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