Be Safe: Contract a Professional Tree Removal Service in Portland, Oregon

A major storm can cause a tree to break, snap, and fall onto your home or in your yard. Who will you call when you hear a tree smash into your garage’s roof? How can you remove a heavy tree without hurting yourself or causing more damage? Instead of attempting a dangerous DIY project, you should call a professional tree removal service in Portland, Ore.

The Cost

The cost of a tree removal service in Portland, Ore., greatly varies. Generally, smaller trees are less expensive than larger trees. Trees that have fallen onto your home or other property, require a special skill set and machinery to remove safely. Removing a tree from a structure on your property (such as your home or garage) will often be more expensive than cutting and removing a tree from your yard.

Trusted Companies

A tree removal service in Portland, Ore., should only be performed by professionals such as those at Elite Tree Service. A professional tree removal company will ensure you, your family, pets, and your property are safe. Trees are extremely dangerous when they fall. Tree removal professionals know how to carefully cut a tree down and ensure that it falls at the right angle, so it does not cause harm. They have the expensive machinery to lift trees up and away from your home. You may think you can simply push a tree off your roof after a storm. However, doing so can cause even more damage. The tree may slide down the side of your house ripping off fascia, siding, shutters, and breaking windows. It may fall onto your deck or foundation, causing structural issues. It is always best to hire a professional that is licensed and insured. If an accident were to happen during the removal process, their insurance will cover the damages.

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