Backwoods Cigars: Natural and Rustic

For the everyday or casual cigar smoker who is looking for something a little different, consider Backwoods cigars. The manufacturer – Altadis U.S.A. – has a complicated but long history of successfully making cigars. What sets this cigar apart is the nostalgia factor. Although machine-made, these cigars resemble those made in the wild by cowboys of the old west era.


History of Backwoods Cigars


Altadis U.S.A. can tracks its beginnings back to 1918 when President of American Sumatra Tobacco Company Julius Lichtenstein created a partnership between the six largest tobacco manufacturers in the country. They called themselves the Consolidated Cigar Corporation and became successful through celebrity marketing from well-known actors such as Sid Caesar and George Burns. As the company grew in popularity, it also grew in size by purchasing other brands.


The company changed hands several times over the next few decades. In 1999, it joined with Tabacalera S.A., a Spanish tobacco leader. Taking on the name Altadis, which stands for Alliance Tobacco Distribution, it became the largest tobacco producer in the world. Altadis purchases tobacco from around the world and processes it in United States facilities in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida, as well as in Puerto Rico, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic.


Varieties of Cigars Available


Backwoods cigars are machine-rolled. This makes them perhaps lower in quality than traditional hand-rolled cigars, but also more affordable. They are a popular choice for everyday enjoyment and aficionados consider them an excellent choice for someone who is looking for something practical rather than premium.


The most readily available variety is the Original Wild N’ Mild. It is meant to resemble those hand-rolled in the old west, with a tapered body, frayed end, and unfinished head. Marketed at “all natural,” it combines both natural tobacco and homogenized tobacco materials.


Backwoods cigars are also available in a number of flavored varieties:


  • Sweet Aromatic
  • Black N’ Sweet
  • Honey
  • Honey Berry


Although only available to customers outside of the United States, Backwoods also produces Wild Rum, Banana, Vanilla, and Grape flavors.


The Montecristo Relief Organization


A point of pride for Altadis U.S.A., the company founded the Montecristo Relief Organization in 1999. The organization raises funds for several charitable organizations, particularly in the area of relief for victims of natural disasters, such as hurricanes, in the United States and Caribbean. The group has raised millions of dollars to rebuild hospitals, schools, and homes. It has also had the opportunity to provide scholarships for a number of disaster survivors.


Shopping for Backwoods Cigars


Consumers can find Backwoods cigars at  in all five of the main flavors. For your convenience, they are sold in packaged sets of eight. Each pack comes in an airtight foil pouch. Not only does this add to the rustic appeal of the cigars, but it also ensures that your purchase will stay fresh for an extended period of time without the need for a humidor.

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