Austin DWI Lawyers: At Your Defense

by | Aug 5, 2013 | Law

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For drivers, even those under the age of 21, the penalties for being convicted of a DWI can have immediate and resounding effects on multiple facets of your life. Repeated convictions will ultimately result in a felony charge that could place a shadow over your potential job opportunities, housing prospects, and loan applications. If you feel you’re in danger of being charged with a DWI, you have a limited amount of time to consult with an attorney. Austin DWI lawyers are well-practiced, client-focused professionals who will utilize every resource available to them to make the legal proceedings easier on you.


What’s at Risk?
Because driving while intoxicated is considered a highly criminal action, the consequences are naturally very serious. The fines alone for a DWI are enough to send some into financial ruin, especially if there has been more than one prior conviction. In Texas, drunk drivers over the age of 21 face the possibility of paying a costly initial fine, as well as an annual fine for the duration of three years. License suspension and confinement are also very likely possibilities. For first, second, and third offenses, drunk drivers under the age of 21 receive 30, 60, or 180 day-long suspensions, respectively. Austin DWI lawyers can help you maintain your driving rights and decrease or eliminate other harsh penalties.


A Legal Safety Net
Having the support of an attorney benefits you in the long run as they have the legal training and experience to question the validity of any tests you were given and appeal the suspension of your license. A lawyer will review the charges against you, the details of your arrest, and make sure your hearing is as fair to you as possible. They’ll keep you informed of any developments in your case, answer questions, provide suggestions, and lay out your options in an easy to understand way. Defendants who choose not to work with a lawyer place themselves at greater risk of receiving an unfavorable sentence.