Are You Considering Warehousing and Distribution in Knoxville?

by | Jun 28, 2016 | Moving

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There may come a time for personal or for business reasons that you may need to have your possessions in storage either long or short-term until you are ready to move them to a permanent location. You should also be able to access them at any time you may need them. To fulfill this need, customers may need to consider professional warehousing and distribution. Knoxville residents and businesses can take advantage of a company that has a nationwide network and is able to handle any number of items for storage, as well as allowing for easy access to those possessions when required.

There are many ways to store a customer’s possessions or assets, including floor, rack and vault storage. The safety of one’s possessions is of paramount importance. Customers can benefit from a company that is able to transport those possessions to wherever they may be needed.

Choosing with Assets in Mind
Residents of Knoxville can benefit from a provider that offers good project management and inventory management statistics connected to warehousing and distribution. As well, a company that offers a large warehouse space for its customers should be able to meet a variety of storage needs for both small and very large items. Bar-coded inventory control, a catalog system, and excellent reporting are other beneficial service features. Virtual around-the-clock customer access to belongings is something to consider as well when evaluating warehousing options.

Additional valuable services to consider include, inside delivery, lift gate delivery, receiving, kitting, and asset tagging. The company should have an in-house assembly team. When the items are ready to be vaulted blanket wrapping of items for ultimate protection offers an additional service benefit.

Many warehouses offer climate controlled environments. As well 24-hour security, and a fire suppression system are important prerequisites.

Finally, customers should choose a company that can distribute any of their items being vaulted to wherever they are needed, at any time.

Customer Service Matters
Consider a warehousing and distribution company that cares about your belongings from initial vaulting to distribution. Evaluate the company’s track record of performance with other customers before making a final decision.