Are there any benefits of stimulants for depression?

by | May 6, 2014 | Healthcare

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When one is suffering from depression they are often prescribed drugs which stimulate the central nervous system and increase brain activity. These medications are called psychoactive drugs and while it may not be the primary reason for their use, many of them have proven to be beneficial for those suffering from depression and seeking depression treatments. When stimulants are used for depression there is a tendency for the drug to prevent fatigue and to increase the energy level of the sufferer. This alone can help these people break out from a bout of depression and go about their daily routine, the same drugs can also be used in the treatment of apathy which is the result of depression, helping patients to regain their ability to focus and concentrate on the task at hand.

Depression is something that has both a mental and physical affect. Physically, the affects are tiredness, weakness and a feeling of low energy. Those who suffer depression even find it hard to rise in the morning and when they do they hardly have enough energy to carry out those activities that are expected of them. Stimulants will increase one’s energy as well as reduce fatigue and make it difficult to fall asleep unless the individual is genuinely tired. Most physicians will not prescribe stimulants as a regular solution for depression; it is used to help those who are severely depressed to break out of their rut.

Stimulants can also have a positive effect on ones mental outlook. Depression not only is a primary cause of fatigue, it has the tendency to leave patients apathetic and they lack the ability to concentrate and focus. When depression is treated with stimulants it reduces mental lethargy, patients become more animated and interested in their surroundings and the activities that they used to enjoy and take for granted. The stimulant has the tendency to increase the attention span of the sufferer and make it easier to concentrate on the task at hand.

There are potential side effects of stimulants so most care givers do not rely on them long term. In many cases the stimulant is part of depression treatments and makes the patient’s condition more manageable. Once the depressed state is under control the patient can be managed with consultation and emotional care. Unfortunately there are conditions such as ADHD that cannot be tackled with stimulants alone; these neurological conditions often require a different approach.

In most cases depression is something that can be tackled using depression treatments such as those carried out at University Behavioral Health of El Paso. The treatments offered have proven to give patients positive outcomes. For more information visit online.