Are body piercings becoming more accepted in society?

Gone are the days when piercings and tattoos were seen as unacceptable in polite society.  Most employers nowadays are happy to employ those with piercings and tattoos, although in some customer-facing professions you may have to take body jewelry out or ensure tattoos are covered. Piercings are a great way to express yourself with the huge range of body jewelry available, from lip piercing jewelry to nose studs and navel bars; you can even choose from customizable body jewelry for a really unique look!

Nose piercings

Nose piercings remain one of the most popular types of body piercings, and they can be as subtle or as out-there as you like, from a tiny diamond and 14k gold nose stud to a stainless steel septum ring. Many people have their nose pierced as part of their culture, but for others it’s simply a way to express themselves and it’s one of the most subtle, beautiful types of body piercings.

Lip piercings

Lip piercings are another popular facial piercing and you’ll find some truly unusual Hindged lip piercing jewelry out there, whether you’re into gold and diamonds or colored titanium. Lip piercings are generally fairly subtle looking although in some workplaces or environments you may be asked to take out your lip jewelry.

Body piercings

Other parts of the body such as the navel or nipples are hidden from most people, so nobody will actually know you have them pierced unless you tell them! With piercings like these, you can go truly wild with your choice of jewelry as it won’t be on display all the time.

Body piercings have become more accepted by society as more people than ever before choose to express themselves in this way. If anyone judges you because you have a facial or body piercing, it’s probably just because they wish they could be as creative and expressive themselves!

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