Annual Property Maintenance: The Importance of Facilitating a Septic Tank Service in Cedar Rapids, IA

Somewhere between 20 to 30 million homes in the United States rely exclusively on septic systems to trap, filter, and contain their household waste but it’s worth mentioning that even the most durable implements can fall victim to various breakdowns, blockages, and functionality issues.

As a matter of fact, the Department of Natural Resources estimates that there are roughly 100,000 failing septic systems in Iowa at any given point in time, which is why we’ve created this brief editorial to highlight the significance of scheduling a personalized septic tank service at least once or twice each year.

The Indicators of a Faulty or Failing Septic System

Shown below are the most common signs of an impending septic problem:

  • Abnormal gurgling or bubbling sounds coming from your pipework
  • Swirling toilets that never seem to flush properly
  • Stagnant water in your sinks, water basins, and drains
  • Rotten “eggy” odors wafting throughout your building
  • Pools of rancid water forming in your drainage field even during dry periods

If you observe any of these issues, the onus is on you to act quickly and book a professional septic tank service in Cedar Rapids, IA sooner rather than later, especially if you’d like to avoid the budget-busting specter of having to replace your entire system.

How Does a Typical Repair Look and How Much Does it Cost?

In most cases, a domestic septic tank service involves an extensive cleaning, emptying, and sanitizing process with a wide range of trenchless tools to avoid digging up your yard. However, if you’ve neglected your septic system for many years on end, you might also have to reline your pipes, repair corroded channels, and fix any leaky joints within your drainage network.

In this regard, it’s important to note that a full-blown septic tank replacement can cost thousands of dollars but a standard septic tank service will be just a small fraction of that amount even if your contractors has to renovate damaged pipes and perform alternative tasks during the site visit.

So if you’re ready to book a professional inspection and finally resolve your septic concerns, feel free to visit to learn more about the best-rated service provider in your vicinity.

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