An SSD Lawyer in Montgomery Explains a Program for Disabled Adult Children

by | May 12, 2020 | Law

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The Social Security Administration has a special program for U.S. adults who have become disabled before they turn 22 years old. This program is offered to qualified individuals who can be categorized under the definition of Disabled Adult Child, or DAC. An SSD lawyer in Montgomery may be needed to help with the application or an appeal of a denied claim.

Ineligibility for SSD

This program is different from the Social Security disability benefits first paid at an older age. Individuals age 21 or younger typically have not paid enough into the system to qualify, or they only are eligible for an exceptionally low amount.

The DAC Program

In this program, they must be able to qualify under a parent’s Social Security benefits. An SSD lawyer in Montgomery can explain how this works and provide details of the requirements. The attorney also can help with the completion of the paperwork. This is helpful since the administration denies most first claims, often because of incomplete documentation.

An Example

The status of a parent relates to the eligibility for this program. For example, one qualification would be if a parent is collecting Social Security retirement benefits. In that case, the disabled adult child may also be able to collect benefits. A parent may decide to start collecting benefits as early as age 62 if that will allow the adult child to also receive disability payments.

To learn more and begin the process of applying for DAC benefits, contact the law firm Leventhal, Sutton and Gornstein.