An Auto Accident Attorney in Lacey, WA Knows the Importance of Not Settling Too Soon

It’s important for a seriously injured person not to accept a settlement offer if it seems unreasonably low. Insurance companies generally want to get accident cases closed quickly and not negotiate for a higher settlement amount. However, looking for a fast solution to financial problems often leads an injured person to accept much less than he or she deserves. An auto accident attorney in Lacey, WA can help this individual acquire better compensation that is more in line with the circumstances.

One aspect that involves waiting involves the concept of maximum medical improvement. Some injury situations are relatively straightforward. For instance, the individual slips and falls on a wet floor at a store, suffering a broken wrist that heals completely within two months and has no residual effects. The owner of the property is typically liable for medical expenses and lost wages if the person cannot work during recovery.

Another person, however, is more seriously injured in a motorcycle accident caused by another driver. That injured individual may have several broken bones as well as severe skin injuries that are not healing well. Skin grafting may fail, leaving the patient having to face further surgeries and the risk of infection. There is no effective way to analyze what the medical expenses and future therapy will cost because the patient is a long way away from maximum medical improvement.

If this individual has enough funds to wait for compensation, he or she may want to delay the settlement until complete medical improvement is near. If it’s imperative to reach a settlement sooner, an auto accident attorney in Lacey, WA can put together an estimate of what the person’s case may be worth. The attorney uses documentation from various medical professionals and research into cases involving similar injuries. Yet, the injured person may still be giving up some amount of deserved compensation by settling too quickly. If a serious infection develops, for example, doctors may need to amputate, the patient then could have claimed financial compensation for losing a body part.

Anyone dealing with this type of situation may contact a firm such as Putnam Lieb Potvin Attorneys at Law for a complimentary initial consultation.

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