An Audiologist in Norwich CT Can Help Diagnose Hearing and Balance Problems

It’s an accepted fact of life that most people will start to lose at least a portion of their hearing as they age. Changes to the inner ear, including the loss of minuscule hair cells that transmit sound waves to the brain, impact the hearing of almost everyone as they get older. Some people have a family history of hearing loss. Others may have been exposed to loud sounds throughout their lives that damage or kill the hair cells in the inner ear. Certain medicines, such as blood pressure medicines or chemotherapy drugs, impact hearing for others. When hearing loss starts to occur, it’s time to see an Audiologist in Norwich CT to diagnose the degree of loss and find a way to restore as much auditory capability as possible.

An Audiologist in Norwich CT is a trained professional who has had years of education and experience in treating hearing problems in adults who are getting older. An audiologist can diagnose hearing problems and treat them through the use of hearing aids. Audiologists also know how to help patients choose the best hearing aids to overcome specific hearing problems and fit the hearing aids to each patient. Because properly using hearing aids can sometimes be problematic, an audiologist is trained to help a patient learn how to use the device effectively to bring hearing back to a proper level.

Many people don’t think of balance when they think of a hearing professional, but hearing and balance are closely related. The ears, eyes, and spinal nerves work together with a balance center in the brain, a system known as the vestibular system, to keep a person from falling. An aging body, as well as some medicines and medical conditions, impact the vestibular system and cause a patient to lose his balance easily. Testing conducted by a trained audiologist can determine the reasons someone might be experiencing dizziness, falling or walking crookedly and then find the best treatment to correct the condition, thus helping to prevent falls that can cause serious injuries.

The first time a patient visits an audiologist, the professional should conduct diagnostic tests to help determine the extent of hearing loss and possible causes. Once this has been determined, potential treatments can be discussed. Visit County Hearing And Balance in Norwich for a free initial consultation to start finding solutions to hearing problems.

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