Alternative Living Quarters on Campus Makes Students Feel More at Home

Going away to college often causes a sense of insecurity in most young adults. They are afraid to share a space with a total stranger, and even more uncomfortably with dozens of students in a residence hall. To put students at ease, more college campuses are creating alternative living options, many of which are still affordable and financial aid covers the costs.

Cottages on Campus

Cottages are actually rather large and not the cozy little cabins you might picture on a lake. They are practically complete homes for students who want to room with only a few other individuals and have that homey feeling. It limits the number of living complications with each of the bedrooms in the cottage only housing one student and everyone in a cottage having access to the common areas (e.g., kitchen, living room, dining room, bathrooms). It’s just one form of off-campus student housing at Colorado State University.

University-Owned Apartment Complexes

Some campuses also own apartment complexes that they rent out to students. Usually, a student can get his or her own apartment, or share with a friend if they choose. However, the apartments are often reserved for upperclassmen. These complexes are often located on the outskirts of campus property, or just off-campus.

If you are attending Fort Collins University this year (or any year) and you want to know more about off-campus student housing at Colorado State University and/or alternative lodgings, contact The Cottages of Fort Collins today.

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