All You Should Know About Dental Implants in Lincolnwood IL

by | Feb 18, 2015 | Dental Health

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Dental implants are metallic frames or posts that dental surgeons install through your gums into your jawbone. Implants help your dentist to have an easier time while replacing your damaged teeth.

How dental implants work

Dental implants support your artificial teeth by fusing into your jawbone. They help people who have lost their natural teeth have strong and firm artificial teeth. These dental devices ensure that bridges and dentures do not shift or slip in your mouth. Dentures and bridges that are slipping prevent you from speaking or eating properly.
Dental implants are better than dentures, and most are normally not comfortable with dentures and bridges in their mouth. This is because, dentures can cause poor ridges, sore spots and gaggling that eventually cause severe discomfort in your mouth.


Requirements of getting dental implants


Not everyone would qualify for these dental devices. Dentists would take time and assess the general health of the patient before they recommend you for implants. You cannot get these implants if you do not have sufficient jawbone and healthy gums to support the implants. You also need to have regular dental visits and good oral hygiene to qualify for these dental implants.


Types of dental implants that the American Dental Association recommends


The American Dental Association recommends two types of dental implants namely:


Subperiosteal implants-these are metal dental frames that dentists fit onto the jawbone few inches below the gum tissue. Dentists fix these implants into the jawbone even when the gum tissues are still healing.


Endosteal implants-dentists use surgical procedures to fix these devices into the jawbone directly. The best time to fit these devices is when your gum tissues have healed completely.


Benefits of getting dental implants


•  Helps you to enjoy more while eating and be able to taste foods effectively


•  Boosts your confidence especially when you are in social or public places


•  They prevent bone loss


•  Improves your general dental appearance


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