All about Seating Systems

by | Feb 24, 2014 | Furniture

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Have you ever wondered how much time in a day do you spend sitting on a chair? Maybe 3 to 4 hours when at home, but what when you are working? If your work revolves around a computer then you easily spend around 8 to 9 hours sitting on a chair. seating systems have hence become an inseperable part of an individual’s life.
How to choose the right seating system for your office?


Consider the number of hours your staff sits for in office:


The most important part is to consider the number of hours your staff sits for on the chair. Longer the hours, more comfortable the seating system should be. If your staff spends most of their time on the chair, then consider ergonomic chairs or high back chairs with ergonomic features.


Know the different types of chairs — their advantages and shortcomings:


Different types of chairs have different advantages and short comings. Understand that every individual has his own need depending on his body type and health issues. If you are a big corporate house, it is next to impossible to buy chairs as per every individual’s needs. At times like these, go for the chairs that would suit every individual. For instance, executive chairs.


The mobility of chairs:


At workplace, the movements should be quick and easy. It is better to get chairs that has wheels so that it doesn’t restrict the movement of the person sitting on it. Also, check the wheels of your chairs before buying. The movement should be smooth.


What are the options available?


There are many types of chairs available in the market. You can choose any of the options depending on the requirements of your staff. Executive chairs, ergonomic chairs, high back chairs, low back chairs, mesh chairs are few of the many options available.


Some of these chairs are highly adjustable and are best for people with health issues. While others are suitable for individuals who do not have to sit at one place for a longer period of time. Besides these, you can opt for fancy options, as well.


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