Airport limos can be less expensive than a Taxi in Newark

When you arrive in another city and the objective is to get from the airport to your hotel, there are a number of options. From major airports you will be able to arrange a shuttle bus that goes around the city center hotel belt, cabs, perhaps a subway or other rail system and a Newark airport limousine service.

What are the pros and cons of these various modes of transportation?

Shuttle bus: Shuttle buses are usually the least expensive form of transport from the airport to a hotel. If you are staying in a hotel which is in the vicinity of the airport, you may find that the hotel mounts its own shuttle service, picking up guests and delivering them to the hotel. If you are not staying close to the airport, you may find a shuttle service that travels into the hotel belt where the shuttle will stop at designated stops, dropping and picking up passengers. This will get you close to your hotel but most often you have to walk from the stop to your hotel; no fun when you have a lot of baggage and you have had a long hard day.

Cabs: Cabs are expensive, cabs are uncomfortable and in many cases the drivers are not familiar with the area. They may get you to a well known hotel but they will often have great difficulty finding your home in the suburbs if you are returning from a trip. The benefit of a cab is that they will get you to your destination eventually so you do not have to worry about carrying heavy bags any distance.

Rail services: Rail is fast and cheap, but very often the most awkward choice. You will have to travel a distance to get to the station, buy a ticket and then wait until a train is ready to go. If you just miss a train, the wait can be long. When you arrive at your destination station you are usually a long way from where you want to go, perhaps so far that you will need to hire a cab.

Newark airport limousine service: The chauffeurs are well turned out, pleasant and helpful. When you book your limo in advance the car will be waiting for you as you leave the airport building. The chauffeur will help you with your bags and offer you a seat in a clean, comfortable vehicle. When you reach your hotel or home, the reverse will happen; your bags will be removed from the car and turned over to a bellman, you will have arrived quickly, quietly and in comfort.

Overall, there is no better solution for airport transportation than a Newark airport limousine service.

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