Air Hand Dryers: The Way to a Cleaner Restroom and Planet

by | Jun 13, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

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Paper towels create messes. From piles of crumpled up sheets in the trash cans and floors of bathrooms to the generous contributions to landfills, these white or brown towels leave distasteful trails of waste wherever they go. Luckily, technology allows for the existence of hand dryers that do not require paper usage. Say goodbye to unnecessary waste and hello to cleanly and environment friendly devices with the use of air dryers. Replace old, outdated materials and find a way to incorporate an air hand dryer into every bathroom in schools, office buildings, and other public places.

The only perk to using paper towels in restrooms used to be the speed with which an individual could wipe his or her hands dry. Now that hand dryers, like many other types of technology, have progressed and become more efficient, air dryers can compete with the speed of paper towels with increased power to make water droplets slide right off of peoples’ hands in no time. And with all the other advantages, it’s hard to imagine why one would not choose an air hand dryer over the use of a paper towel any day.

One of the other advantages to using air dryers as opposed to the paper alternative is that they offer a significantly more positive impact on the environment. The installation of air hand dryers provides an easy opportunity to preserve the planet by eliminating waste products. The output of these machines reduces the burdens on landfills and preserves important resources like water. Additionally, the input of energy it takes to run an air hand dryer is half as much as required by a paper towel apparatus. It also protects trees and produces 3 tons less of carbon dioxide than paper towels in its lifetime.

Implementation of such a clean and ecofriendly device throughout buildings can contribute to the gaining of LEED credits. The LEED—or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design—program recognizes building practices that clearly respect and protect the environment. The widespread interest in going green means that a company or business that applies practical ways to join the movement can be more attractive to perspective customers or clients. Hand dryers can count toward specific credits including Solid Waste Management, Green Cleaning, Innovation in Operations, Documenting Sustainable Building Cost Impacts, and Optimize Energy Efficiency Performance.

Consider replacing each paper towel dispensers with an air hand dryer to make bathrooms more orderly and the environment cleaner. With the use of an air hand dryer, LEED points can be gained to increase the good reputation of a company or business.