Air Emissions Control in Elkton, MD: The Modern Tools of the Trade

Air pollution control is at the forefront of today’s societal concerns. Due to this, air emissions control systems are a regular part of our daily lives. Although these devices are constantly functioning to protect our health, most people don’t know much about them. Learn what these systems consist of and how they help keep the air clean.

Where Pollution Comes From

In the modern world, there are numerous sources of air pollution. Some of this pollution is generated through natural means. Occurrences, like volcanic eruptions, spew endless amounts of pollution into the air. The same goes for man made sources. Machinery used for manufacturing and transportation are the usual culprits. Unfortunately, neither of these sources is likely to go away.

Scientists generally break up air pollution sources in to emission types. Smaller sources of pollution are referred to as area sources. This term is applied to sources that are responsible for less than ten tons of a particular pollutant. Major sources are those that generate more than ten tons of material. These sources can come from either stationary or movable sources.

Pollutant Types

Government agencies assign pollutants to different categories for regulatory purposes. Air toxins are mainly composed of metals and organics that are volatile in nature. Criteria air pollutants are those that primarily exist in the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases (such as ozone) are responsible for increasing the degeneration of the earth’s atmosphere. Each of these pollutants play a dangerous role in affecting human health.

Pollution Control Systems

When it comes to air emissions control, there are many different tools available. Scrubbers remove gases and particulate matter from industrial sites. Air filters collect pollutants that pass through them to remove them from the ambient air. One special category of air filters, HEPA filters, use fiberglass mats to block certain pollutants. HEPA filters are some of the most commonly used solutions.

Getting Pollution Under Control

As you can see, there are various ways to deal with air pollution. If you use these devices correctly, you can minimize the harmful effects of harmful emissions.

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