Advantages of Using an Expandable Telescopic Baton

by | Jun 24, 2014 | Security System Supplier

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A Telescopic baton, also known as an expandable baton, is one of the most effective impact tools in any police officer’s arsenal because it is both effective and easily carried. It is also an intimidation tool that can help prevent a confrontation before it occurs.
A telescopic baton is composed of either steel or wood and is normally coated in order to add more durability and resilience. The telescopic baton is just like a traditional police baton, but it can extend out and collapse back to its original length. The baton is used mainly as a strike, jab, block tool, and also an arm lock tool to subdue an offender. The expandable feature allows the police officer to have a much longer reach during a confrontation.. Officers can find many expandable telescopic batons for sale on law enforcement websites.These batons are sold in three different sizes: 16” 21” and 24”.They also come in longer sizes such as 29” and 31” although these two sizes are not as popular as the first 3 lengths.


Below are a few of the advantages of using a telescopic baton for your protection.


No Length too Short


One of the biggest benefits of having a telescopic baton is that it can be used to protect yourself in close encounters regardless of the length.. For close combat, using the telescopic baton in the collapsed state is the best bet. If you are trying to keep distance between you and your attacker, then having it extended will give you more reach.
Sometimes the length of a baton may not matter because many encounters tend to happen within a very small confine, therefore the extra length may at times not be useful unless. So it is important for an officer to carefully assess the chance of getting into a spontaneous encounter and whether an short or extended baton will work best.


Intimidation is Key


Another benefit of having a telescopic baton is that it can be an excellent form of psychological intimidation. In many cases, the appearance and the sound it makes as it extends, is enough to dissuade a potential attacker. It is rare that a self-defense tool can scare away an attacker before they attack, but the telescopic baton can do just that. It is a known self defense tool and its effectiveness is well understood by potential would be attackers. The sight of its potential use is enough deterrent for an attacker to rethink their attempts at harming you.


Effective Regardless of Training


Many people use a telescopic baton because it is both easy to operate and intimidating to potential attackers. In most cases, a person will be able to operate a baton regardless of background or profession, which makes the baton a nearly universal form of protection. All it takes is a good blow to the right place to bring down an attacker. As a best practice, however, it is advisable, as is the case for any self-defense weapon, that you get yourself some kind of training or get some type of practice after you purchase a self-defense weapon, for best, and most effective use of your device.


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