Advantages of SEL Education in Middle and High Schools

by | Jun 17, 2022 | Education

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As a secondary education major, you know that students today face challenges that are significantly different from the challenges of the past. Students have more access to world news, complex social challenges, and can be influenced by people they’ve never met. However, today’s students are typically more self-aware and understand they must fit and function in a more challenging and complex global society.

Teachers who extend their knowledge of how social-emotional education, or SEL, helps students can have an advantage in job interviews and better understand and meet the needs of their students. SEL education is often a fundamental part of middle and high school curriculum.

Professional Training

SEL education isn’t limited to elementary or secondary learners; it can also help college students. By increasing focus and emotional wellbeing, an SEL course in higher education helps improve student resilience and retention. While your educational experience may be nearing the end, participating in an SEL course will help you understand how social-emotional curriculums work. You will may be eligible add a micro-certification to your resume by completing the class .

By understanding SEL education and its advantages, you can tailor your teaching to the students who will soon be in your classroom.