Accessibility and Your New Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinet

The kitchen is a space everyone uses. People gravitate towards this room at parties. The residents use it for everything from a dining room to an office. This is a room that should be accessible to all. When it comes to replacing an old or adding a new cabinet, this fact is often forgotten.


Accessibility should be for everyone. Kitchens and bathrooms should always be user-friendly. Before a new cabinet  is purchased, consider the following qualities:

  • Placement: Can they be reached easily by people of smaller stature without the need to climb on stools and countertops to do so? 
  • Hardware: What kind of hardware do the cabinets have? Are they knobs or D-shaped drawer pulls?
  • Organizers: Do the cabinets come with pull-down organizers? Are slide-out cabinet organizers preferred?

Making kitchen and bathroom cabinets accessible for everyone to use makes sense. If they are installed in hard-to-reach places or are difficult to use, they will be underutilized. In some cases, this is where things go to, if not die, to be totally forgotten. If the cabinets are not going to be used, they will be a waste of space you or your partner have paid for.

Thinking Accessibility Kitchens should always be a space accessible to everyone, no matter what level of ability. Keep this in mind when you order a new cabinet in Marlborough MA for your kitchen or bathroom. It will make the room more comforting than it already is when everybody can comfortably access everything, including the kitchen sink and its cabinets.

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