A View of Gifted Education Washington DC

by | Jun 4, 2013 | Education

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Recognizing the abilities of gifted children is the first and usually simplest task. Finding which children are capable of achieving at higher levels is the second. Helping these gifted children develop and grow is important for their future. One key aspect of this growth is the nurturing and guidance of these children in their development of curiosity, creativity and self confidence while nurturing their critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities.


There are some myths commonly referred to regarding Gifted Education Washington, DC. Many people believe that gifted students will do fine on their own and don’t need help or that teachers challenge all students equally and the gifted ones will do just as well in regular classes. Some people also believe that Accelerated Placement programs are socially harmful to children or these programs are elitist and give the children a snobbish attitude. One misguided myth is the belief that disabled children can’t be gifted students but in reality many children with a variety of disabilities are academically gifted. It is also commonly believed that gifted education requires a lot of resources when in fact it uses many of the same materials used in other teaching methods but differs in the way they are used.


Gifted Education Washington DC is also a term which covers the methods and programs used to allow gifted students to thrive. Projects like GEMS, also known as Great Explorations in Math and Science, provides curriculum and publications in science and math for both teachers and students. The process of ‘acceleration intervention’ offers the teacher flexibility in student curriculum to meet the needs of an individual student or similarly capable group of students. Visit Feynman School in Washington, DC for more information.


The practice of ‘grouping’ places students with similar abilities together for instruction and allows for more appropriate courses which match the capabilities of the students. The method of ‘curriculum compacting’ is the technique of condensing or streamlining the curriculum to avoid repeating what students have already mastered.


Providing your child with a Gifted Education Washington DC from a Private School is considered by many to be the best educational benefit you can provide. Advanced learning techniques help them now and in their future when they go to college and beyond.


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