A Scrap Yard in Dodge Center, MN Pays Cash for Aluminum Cans and Old Appliances

by | Jan 8, 2015 | Recycling

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Times are hard for many people in America. They work long hours, but still can’t afford to put food on the table. Many of these people are starting small businesses to help pay the bills. For some it means scouring the streets for aluminum cans. Other people hunt the streets on trash night looking for abandoned metal appliances. They take these items to a scrap yard in Dodge Center MN to sell them for cash.


Scrap peddlers need to find a scrap yard that make it easy to redeem a variety of metals. Non-ferrous or non-magnetic materials include aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and lead. Ferrous metals include most appliances, cast iron and scrap vehicles. They also have to find out how the scrap yard wants the metals sorted. Some scrap yards allow the peddler to drive his vehicle over a scale and it calculates the value of the load with the metals mixed together. Other scrap yards want the metals sorted by type. Some scrap yards accept the entire toaster, while others only want the metal portion of any appliance. Usually the purer the metal load, the more the scrap yard pays for it. The peddler has to decide whether its worth his time to sort it or not.


A Scrap Yard in Dodge Center MN may also want to know where an item came from. With the weak economy and rising price of scrap metals, people are resorting to stealing expensive metals such as copper wiring from construction sites or small appliances from thrift shops. The police often check with the scrap yards, if they are investigating a major theft of copper or aluminum. Therefore if a peddler sees a toaster in a trash pile, he should probably take a picture of it with his smartphone, before he carries it away. Embedding the time stamp and location coordinates would be a plus.


Scrap yards will also pick up loads from the peddler’s house. If peddlers are short on gas money this can be a real savings. Some scrap yards have minimum load requirements, while others will pick up a bag of aluminum cans. The driver is usually authorized to pay the person when he picks up the load.