A Pet Hospital in Bloomfield, CT isn’t Just for Emergencies

When you think of a hospital, you’re likely to think of an emergency situation or a dire medical condition that needs long term care. Most pet owners feel the same way about pet hospitals. However, a Pet Hospital Bloomfield, CT isn’t just a place where you take your pets if you have an emergency, this is where you can take your pet for their preventative care as well.

Dental Care

You’ll find that you can get your pet’s teeth cared for at a pet hospital by making an appointment. Not only will they clean your pet’s teeth, but a doctor will ensure that your pet’s teeth are healthy as well. He or she will also be able to recommend foods and products to help keep your pets teeth healthy.


Getting your pet their shots is vital to their long-term health. At a pet hospital, you can schedule an appointment to have their shots taken care of. Because you’re using a hospital rather than a standard vet service, it’s possible that you can save money on this service as hospitals have trained technicians that can give your pets their shots.

Micro Chipping

Making sure that you can always find your pet is important to your pets well being and this is where micro chipping comes in. This is a procedure in which a microchip is injected under your pets skin so that all of his or her information is recorded with your pet. If your pet get’s lost or runs away, the microchip allows an animal shelter to identify it and get it back to you. Your local Pet Hospital In Bloomfield, CT can help you with this.

Emergency Care

Of course, a pet hospital is equipped to handle pet emergencies. Whether your pet is struck by a car or has eaten something that has made it ill, you can bring it to a pet hospital for treatment. Just like a human hospital, your pet will be evaluated for the seriousness of its injures and treatment will be given based on the urgency of the situation.

Your local animal hospital has a lot to offer. The next time you’re thinking about the general well being of your favorite animal, think about your local pet hospital. The Windsor Animal Clinic is an experienced and full service animal veterinary clinic serving Bloomfield, CT. Click here to know more.

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