A Legal Staffing Agency in Greensboro Can Bring Success To Your Law Firm

by | Dec 11, 2013 | Law

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A staffing agency is a company that matches job-seekers with employers. Using a staffing agency to find qualified candidates may sound like a good idea for industries that don’t require special skills or knowledge, but legal firms may be weary of using them. Even so, a legal staffing agency can definitely give you a leg up in the recruitment process. You may be in doubt about whether using a legal staffing agency can help your law firm, but here is why you need to partner with a staffing agency today:

Distributing Time

Human resources is time consuming. Small firms may not have a human resources department to take care of hiring candidates. Instead of spending time sorting through hundreds of resumes yourself, save your time for more important things by employing the services of a legal staffing agency. Even if you have your own human resources manager, a staffing agency will be able to help with things like posting job openings, screening candidates, and performing background checks so that your firm can focus on choosing the best possible person for the job.

No Hiring Staff

Hiring a staff can cost your firm a significant amount of money. Not only do you have to be concerned about payroll, but you also have to worry about taxes, insurance, and benefits. When you hire a legal staffing agency instead, your costs are cut significantly. legal staffing agency fees are minimal in comparison to the cost of a full-time staff person, and in return you’ll have a team who will be just as dedicated to making the hiring process successful.

Pre-Screened Candidates

It’s annoying to have to sit through interviews with unqualified candidates or those who wouldn’t fit in with your company’s culture. A legal staffing agency will pre-screen candidates before they come to you to make sure that only the best and most qualified people for your particular firm get a chance to interview with you. Not only does this save you time, but it gives you assurance about the potential new hires that walk through your door.
The services of a legal staffing agency in Greensboro can save your law firm’s precious resources for more pressing issues. Working with the right legal staffing agency can help you find the right team to help you take your career and your firm to new heights.