A Huntington Beach Dentist is Critical to Your Oral and Overall Health

by | Jul 1, 2014 | Dentistry

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Your smile is one of your most valuable assets. With a bright smile, you can face customers in the shop or students in the classroom with an extra level of confidence. Through quality dental care, not only can you attain a smile that improves your social and work life but also you can literally extend your life.


Social Benefits of Dentistry
According to research, people tend to trust someone with a nice smile more than they’d trust a person with an attractive outfit or a decent job. In addition, survey results show that about a third of people notice someone’s smile before they notice his or her other features. People with better smiles often are viewed as being healthier, happier and more successful as well. This is why getting regular dental care from a Huntington Beach dentist and taking advantage of cosmetic dentistry options can be so critical to your personal and professional life.


Oral Health Benefits of Dentistry
When you visit a Huntington Beach dentist, you’ll get the care you need to prevent serious oral health issues down the road. Teeth that are crooked or diseased, for instance, can affect your speech and make it hard for you to enjoy chewing food. Cavities, or areas of the teeth where decay has caused holes to form, can also be painful. In addition, gum disease may eventually lead to tooth loss if left unaddressed. It’s easier to treat tooth decay and other problems in the mouth when they are caught early, hence the need for regular preventative dental appointments.


Overall Health Benefits of Dentistry
A Huntington Beach dentist’s services are paramount for your overall health as well. When your gums become inflamed as a result of a serious type of gum disease called periodontitis, you are more at risk for a variety of health conditions. For instance, if germs and bacteria from the mouth travel through the bloodstream to parts of the heart that are damaged, this can lead to an infection known as endocarditis. Furthermore, stroke and heart disease have been linked to infections and inflammation caused by oral bacteria. Tooth loss prior to age 35 may additionally be connected to Alzheimer’s disease. A quality dentist is essential, as he or she truly can have a positive impact on the quality and length of your life.


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