A Guide to the Lemon Law in Texas

Every state, Texas included, has its own consumer protection or ‘lemon law’ that concerns automotive defects. The Texas lemon law gives legal recourse to those dealing with chronic car problems. If you buy a car that has unrepairable issues, you’re eligible to receive a new vehicle or a full refund. However, becoming eligible for the benefit is harder than it seems. Read on to learn more.

Qualifying Under the Lemon Law

For your car to fall under Texas’ lemon law, it has to meet two conditions:

It has to have two or more wheels, and it must be used to transport property or people.

The vehicle must have had at least four attempted repairs or a full 30 days out of commission. If the repairs were done to address serious safety hazards, two attempts are sufficient.

The time period within which you can qualify Texas lemon law is one year or the vehicle’s express warranty period, whichever comes first.

Next Steps

If your car, truck, or SUV meets the above qualifications, your manufacturer or dealer must compensate for the following costs.

Expenses related to defect-related loss of vehicle use

The cost to replace the problem vehicle with a comparable make and model

The cost to accept the return and provide the refund, along with all other costs paid to the vehicle owner.

If you believe your car qualified under the state’s lemon law, there are a few steps you can take. First, you’ll have to keep records of all the problems you’re experiencing. Then, you’ll need to track the length of time you’ve gone without your vehicle. Texas’ laws are complex and the lemon law doesn’t take effect immediately, so documentation is crucial. Visit website and learn more or call Lemon Law America to schedule a consultation.

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