A General Introduction To Seal Coating

by | Jan 19, 2012 | Business

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Seal coating is the most important form of pavement maintenance that increases the life of the pavement and driveway it is used on. As all are aware the asphalt used to construct the pavements may not always suffer damage due to traffic wear. Instead factors like sun exposure, gas spills, and water penetration are what cause majority of the damage to pavements and driveways. As a homeowner, you certainly would not want to allow any damage to the pavement within your residential premises. Seal coating is the best way to prevent the pavement from falling away.

Most owners take note of the need to maintain their pavements once cracks start forming in them. This is a wrong approach since according to most construction professionals, pavement maintenance must be started within the first year of paving itself. In fact, experts suggest that as soon as your pavement is rid of surface oils, it is ready for its first seal coating. The asphalt is ready for seal coating within 6-8 weeks from first curing session.

Usually for driveways and pavements that experience low traffic, using a single thick coating suffices. However, according to experts two thin coatings always dries and cures faster than a single thick coating. This is used in heavily tread areas and create very strong surfaces that can withstand long term abrasion and prevent any sort of damage of the pavement. So what are the main advantages of using seal coatings for the pavements and driveways in front of your home? Here is a quick look at the two main advantages of using this process.

Reduces Cracks: The common result of regular tread wear on surfaces is the formation of cracks that allows water in to the sub base part of the pavement. Crack sealing is a method that is used to fill these cracks and prevent water seepage. But as always prevention is better than cure, and seal coating is the technique that most builders recommend much in advance to formation of cracks.

Saves Money: Pavement maintenance can be a costly process if the pavement has been left unattended to for long. With one session of seal coating you ensure that the pavement is in good shape for the next two years, which not only reduces costs of maintenance but also reduces your anxieties regarding the structure of the pavement.

Owing to these basic advantages, the life of the pavement that has undergone seal coating increases greatly saving you a lot of money in the long run. Thus, through timely seal coating, Metrowest, MA area residents must make sure they increase the longevity of their driveways and pavements.