A Few Reasons to Study Industrial Design to Make Smarter Products

If you have never heard of industrial design, there is a lot you should know. Industrial design impacts almost every object we use in our daily lives. Just think about how much design went into the chair you are sitting in. Every functional object has to be designed by a trained professional. This is what you can expect to do if you enroll in industrial design school. Look over the many reasons why you should consider studying in this field of design.

No Prior Knowledge Needed

You might assume that you need to be a good artist to take part in industrial design. This is simply not true. In fact, you don’t need to have any drawing experience at all. You’ll be able to learn all the drawing skills you need right in school. In the end, you’ll generate a detailed portfolio that showcases all of your talent.

A Profession for the Future

Industrial design professionals are not going away anytime soon. Now more than ever there are a large quantity of new products hitting the sales floor everyday. All of these products start with a design process. If you finish your education at an industrial design school, you can work in the corporate world or a non-profit. You can also perform a consulting role for private clients. In the end, there are many different options to explore.

Other Benefits

When summarizing the benefits, it’s also important to point out the experience that’s available. Take part in internships and co-ops to get the most out of your new skills. This will help you land the job of your dreams in the future.

For more information about industrial design programs, get in touch with School of the Art Institute of Chicago at www.saic.edu.

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