A Common Range Of Hydraulic Tools For Underwater Use

by | Mar 18, 2015 | Industrial Goods and Services

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We all know hydraulics are used in excavators above ground, but they also have quite a few additional uses below the surface of the ocean as well. A wide number of industries benefit from underwater tool use, and hydraulic systems are one of the few that can be safely used in a marine environment. Offshore oil drilling, ship salvage operations, pier and dam construction, exploration, and many more industries have been using hydraulic hand tools for years. These various tools allow a small amount of workers to cut and move massive weights with relative ease and safety.

Underwater salvage operations

One of the sad facts about working on a ship or boat is that accidents happen or storms occur and the vessel can sink. Offshore salvage operations spend their time and money recovering sunken ships or aircraft in order to recycle or reclaim the debris as well as remove harmful and dangerous structures from the environment. Several tools are used in the process, including winches, cutting tools and separators; each one making use of Hydraulic Cylinders of some sort. Welded cylinders are the most common as they present fewer lubricant leak points in comparison to tie rod cylinders.

Oil platforms and offshore drilling

Offshore drilling is still extremely popular both in domestic and international waters. Since oil and gas is one of the most lucrative industries available today, it’s no wonder corporations and investment firms are making their claim on certain areas and getting oil platforms and drills in place. However, offshore construction can require specialized tools and methods considering the water depth can be several hundred feet. In addition to the cranes used on the supply barges to get the construction pieces into the water, the tools needed to secure them are quite often hydraulic.

Finding custom hydraulic cylinders for your unique needs

While you may not be in need of any components for offshore or underwater usage, hydraulics are available in a wide range of sizes to suit a number of applications including small hand tools to massive telescoping cranes that can reach over 300 feet. If you are searching for a replacement cylinder, you have access to a range of units various suppliers may have in stock. If none of these meet your needs, custom manufacturing of a cylinder is definitely possible and can take between 4 and 6 weeks from start to finish.