8 Tips to Dealing with Rodent Control in Hillsboro

by | Jun 17, 2013 | Pest Control

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Having rodents in your home is dangerous to the health of you and your loved ones, not to mention annoying and dirty. Below are eight tips you can take to avoid having rodents living on your property, in addition to using a professional Hillsboro Rodent control company.


Look around your home regularly for sings of rodents.


Keep your home, yard, and garage free of trash, unkempt grass, building supplies, etc. Trash and debris attract rodents to your property, while piles and buildup of items give them a place to live. Make sure to keep excess items organized and stored in a high place so that rodents cannot make it their home.


Make sure not to leave items around your home that rodents can use for food, this includes pet foods, pet droppings, opened garbage cans, and bird seed. Compost piles attract and provide food for rodents.


Get rid of their water supply by dumping buckets, equipment. or flower pots that have filled up with water.


Seal any holes in your home or its foundation. These holes are how rodents get in your home, so take care of the problem as soon as you find them. Other ways rodents get into your home include spaces under steps, sidewalks, and decks. Ensure that all gaps around doors and windows are tightly closed.


Keep your grill area clean neat and tidy. The spills, unclean grills, and dirty barbeque areas are like a buffet for rodents making your home their home. Greasy build-up on cooking equipment, decking material, patio furniture, or grease piles in your yard attracts rodents to your property.


If you have any construction projects on your property, try not to build any new structures that include crawl spaces or empty cavities under items like decks, sheds, and other structures on your property.


Talk to your neighbors to find out if there are other rodent problems in your neighbor or to inform them about your problem. You want to ensure all the properties around your home are free of rodents, so that they don’t find their way back to your home after taking care of the initial problem. You can also find out Hillsboro Rodent control companies your neighbors have used.


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