7 Ways to a Get Through Moving Day Sans Stress

Done right, moving day doesn’t need to stress you out. Here are wonderful recommendations you can use to get through moving day sans the stress:

Book early

Unless you’re moving in a rush, you probably have 30 to 60 days to scout around for moving companies in Plainfield IL. Make use of that time to book early. If you wait too long, all the reputable moving teams might be fully booked by then.


Plan where you want the furniture to go. Then label them properly so your movers would know. That’s going to make it easier for you on D-day since you wouldn’t need to go around, telling movers where to put this or that.

Get organized

Do a countdown list, one that tells you what you need to get done week by week. This will remind you of whatever packing tasks that you need to get done so you’ll stay on track and on top of the move.

Book the right one

Moving long distance? Be sure to book the right company. Not all moving firms are licensed for cross state moves so you’ll need to check this detail in advance when you look for moving companies in Plainfield IL.


This is a good time go over everything you own and toss items you don’t need. If there’s anything you haven’t used in the last 5 or 10 years, then you probably won’t need them. Bringing them along is simply wasting space in your moving truck. Might be better to hold a yard sale or donate clothes you’ve outgrown, says Style at Home.

Make a list

Take inventory of everything. Once your belongings have been unloaded, you can check all them against the list so you’ll know if something’s missing.

Don’t use garbage bags

If you have a few friends and family helping you out, they might accidentally throw these away so avoid packing anything in garbage bags.

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