6 Smart Ways to Downsize Your Home

Rising costs and fixed incomes make it practical to move to a smaller home. You get to enjoy lower utility bills, reduced consumption and more time since cleaning your new living space will go much faster, The Balance says. If you want to go for the minimalist approach or the cost-savings that come with a smaller home, here’s a look at expert tips and advice.

Track item usage

Ask yourself how often you use an item. That’s one way to go through your belongings and filter out what you’ll donate or leave behind before the move.

Go for double-duty pieces

Given the tighter space, it’s smart to look for items that can serve dual or even multiple purposes. Sometimes, though, it takes a bit of creativity to see how you can re-use an item.

Hire pros

Hopeless at sorting through all your belongings? Maybe you have too many things accumulated from over the years. Scout around for moving companies in Seattle that offer home downsizing services like Moves Made Simple. With a pro to help you go through everything, you’ll find it easier to get this done.

Measure everything

Before you move into your new home, measure everything along with your furniture. Then measure your furniture. That way, you have an idea, more or less, of what will fit into your new apartment.

Book ahead

Don’t book at the last minute. If you need home downsizing services in Seattle, get this done weeks or a month ahead. Waiting too long may mean settling for a dodgy moving crew because all the reputable ones will probably be booked by then.

Use the good stuff now

If you love that cute cat display, souvenir or china set, use it now. Don’t keep them for use later or only when you have guests. You’ll enjoy them more than just locking them in a box or cabinet.

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